Policy experts blast Bush fuel mandate at Hill briefing

At a Capitol Hill policy briefing on February 9 for congressional staff and media, sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute and Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute blasted the rampant ethanolism that is becoming the closet thing we Americans have to a state religion.

Jerry Taylor debunked what he calls the “12 Lies of Ethanol,” explaining inter alia why a bigger ethanol mandate will increase our pain at the pump, won’t contribute to energy independence, and will harm hog, cattle, poultry, and soy farmers. I attach the witty and footnoted outline of his remarks.

Dennis Avery waxed eloquent on the “massive land costs of corn ethanol.” He explained by the numbers why Bush’s proposed mandate would be a disaster for consumers and the environment. I attach his Power Point presentation.