Private Jet Travel for Me, But Not for Thee

Steve Milloy and Neil Hrab, both friends of the Institute, have picked up on the amazing travel opportunity (mentioned in today’s Daily Update) that’s being offered by the World Wildlife Fund to potential donors.

Who cares how much carbon we’re emitting? We’re the good guys!

That’s right, you can join the elite of the international environmental activist class on a “remarkable 25-day journey by private jet.” This luxury trip will enable participants to “Explore natural and cultural treasures in remote areas of South America, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and Africa.” These remote areas include the Amazon Rain Forest, Easter Island, Borneo, Nepal, Madagascar, Namibia and…Orlando. I’m sure that while visiting these remote and exotic locales WWF’s well-heeled donors will take only photographs and leave only (carbon) footprints.

The price for such eco-vanity? It can all be yours for a cool $64,950. Meanwhile, the WWF website warns readers of the future impact of global warming and the vital need to address our changing climate. Apparently the greatest threat to life on planet earth in human history doesn’t require jet-setting orangutan fans to curb their CO2 emissions. Not when the itinerary is stamped with WWF’s cuddly panda bear seal of approval.