Profiles in Awesomeness

Chrissie Thompson of the Washington Times has written the best newspaper story of the day: a profile of Bureaucrash and our very own Jason Talley. You’ll want to read the whole story, of course, but I particularly liked the quote from Fred:

Fred L. Smith Jr., president of CEI, said he founded the think tank with the goal of using left-wing groups’ vertical organization formats, in which they focus on one issue and sponsor both policy analysis and activism on it. Bureaucrash, therefore, fit in with his vision and gives younger people an arena in which to tout pro-freedom principles.

“I’m now 65,” Mr. Smith said. “I’m not going to jump off a building unfurling a flag saying, ‘Economic liberty for the world.'”

Personally I think Fred is cutting himself short – with a little training he could easily be the leader of the high-rise banner campaign. Bureaucrash’s message is just that inspiring.