Race Games Continue In Our Courts and Schools

In June, the Supreme Court cut back on school districts’ ability to assign students to schools by race, even when school districts claim to have reasons for doing so, such as promoting “diversity” or “racial balance.”

But that hasn’t stopped left-wing trial judges from continuing to order school systems to use race. For example, Judge Bernice Bouie Donald ordered the Memphis schools to spend millions of dollars to bus children long distances, something the Justice Department, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the Memphis schools all agreed was unnecessary. The school board chairman says the court’s race-based busing order will “force the busing of black students past” a “state of the art” school “to an older, inferior school.”

For some people, obsessing over race is like a religion. In the Supreme Court cases decided in June, CEI filed an amicus brief, detailing just how wacky advocates of using race can be. CEI’s brief detailed the wild claims made by Seattle’s race-obsessed schools, which claimed that “individualism” is a form of “cultural racism,” that planning ahead is a white characteristic that it is racist to expect minorities to exhibit, and that only whites can be racist.