Racist Harvard Affirmative Action Policy

Harvard, my alma mater, discriminates against Asians in admissions. Asians are less likely to be admitted at any GPA or SAT score than members of other races — they are vastly less likely to be admitted than blacks or Hispanics, the beneficiaries of racial preferences, and somewhat less likely to be admitted than whites.

Although the statistical evidence is overwhelming, the Harvard Crimson claims there is “no definitive proof.” It speculates that that Asians are being rejected because they are grinds, not because of their race, and that that explains why Asians are less likely to be admitted than members of other races at any given level of academic achievement. People concerned about discrimination against Asians, it claims, must first take into account Asians’ possibly lesser “community involvement, leadership capabililities, [and] distinction in extracurricular activities.”

This is no basis for this speculation. The current crop of Asian high school students participate in extracurricular activies at least as much, on average, as students of any other race.

I don’t really know how to respond to this baseless downplaying of Harvard’s discriminatory and Orwellian “diversity” policy, which punishes Asians because they have the temerity to succeed in school.

My 3-year-old nephew is part Korean. Should we try to hide his ethnicity when he applies for college? Given the shape of his eyes, that may not be possible. It is a disgrace that his racial identifiability may expose this little boy to prejudice by both reactionary bigots and politically-correct college admissions staff.

We previously discussed the ridiculously racist theory of some “diversity” trainers that members of different races have inherently different ways of thinking, such as in our Supreme Court amicus brief in the Seattle case.