Radar on Green Fakers: A Must Read

The wonderful Radar Magazine has a funny, witty, snarky and oh-so-true feature on “Green Fakers.” These are, of course, eco self-righteous celebs who fly around in private jets and purchase every luxury known to human kind while telling ordinary Americans that they need to cut down on driving and reuse toilet paper. My favorite quote: Leonardo DiCaprio, “I try as often as possible to fly commercially.”

One choice quote (continues on next page):

It’s always galling to be exhorted to curb your consumption by people who are living the poshest lifestyle imaginable.
But the problem here goes beyond aesthetics. Eco-hypocrites undercut the very message they’re trying to peddle. How desperate could the planet’s plight be if the people who present themselves as most concerned about it consider flying first-class commercial an unacceptable sacrifice? Why should anyone bother to carpool when Streisand requires her own convoy? Or forgo A/C for a fan when Edwards is chilling in the largest house in his county? The implication of the hypocrites’ behavior is that we must take all measures to fight global warming short of those that would reduce our quality of life. But a reduction in quality of life—or at least a redefinition of it—is exactly what Americans are going to have to accept to make a meaningful dent in greenhouse gas levels.

Indeed, if human generated greenhouse gases will cause the consequences that the Left says they will, this is absolutely right. We will have to accept a lower quality of life, no doubt about it.