RealClear Radio Hour: Brexit and Regulatory Rebellion

In this week’s episode, Julian Morris, Iain Murray, and Richard Williams make the case for Britain’s regulatory rebellion and chart the path forward from Brexit.

Up first is Julian Morris, Vice President of Research at the Reason Foundation and a UK native, mapping Britain’s leave legacy. Julian outlines key policies Britain must adopt to flourish post-Brexit. By liberalizing its trade policy and joining the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), he argues the UK can thrive outside and alongside the EU, and that other EU member states may be encouraged to follow Britain’s route. 

My second guest this week is Iain Murray, Vice President for strategy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, discussing the future of the firm and Brexit. Iain channels Ronald Coase and describes the evolution of corporations as they adapt to the gig economy. A British expat, Iain shares why he remains optimistic that Britain will emerge successfully from the prisoner’s dilemma it faces vis-a-vis the EU, which it seeks to exit on favorable terms.

Wrapping up the show is Richard Williams, Director of the Regulatory Studies Program at the Mercatus Center and former director for social sciences at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), covering food, drug, and British regulation. Richard discusses the FDA’s regulatory principles and why those who follow the precautionary principle should avoid even a single cup of coffee. He extrapolates these lessons to Britain’s overregulated economy and the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

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