RealClear Radio Hour: Budding CEOs and PC University

This week on RealClear Radio Hour my guests cover two topics that lie at the heart of how we educate our children: How we can nurture a generation destined to come of age in the new gig economy and how can students withstand the wave of political correctness sweeping our colleges and universities.

My first guest is Jeff Sandefer, co-founder and middle school teacher at the Acton Academy. Jeff shares his novel approach to education—emboldening children to be heroes on a hero’s journey. Sandefer recounts stories from the Acton Children’s Business Fair and how adeptly children as young as five embrace entrepreneurship.

Second up on the show is Eric Graf. The Universidad Francisco Marroquin professor and author of Cervantes and Modernity celebrates Don Quijote de la Mancha’s influence on the classical liberal tradition, and laments how political correctness has overwhelmed academic freedom on campuses across the U.S.

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