RealClear Radio Hour: Criminal Justice Problems and Solutions

This week, I speak with two advocates for criminal justice reform: 33-year police veteran Jim Bueermann and formerly incarcerated entrepreneur Sharon Richardson.

Up first is Chief Jim Bueermann, president of the Police Foundation, discussing community relations and evidence-based policing. To encourage public trust and alleviate injustice, Jim proposes police forces work closely with their communities in order to collaborate on implementing crime prevention strategies.

My second guest is Sharon Richardson, founder and CEO of Just Soul Catering, president of Reentry Rocks, and a graduate of Defy Ventures’ Entrepreneurs-in-Training program. Sharon tells how, after nearly a decade as a correctional officer at Rikers Island, some tragic decisions landed her in prison for 20 years. She shares her story of successful reentry into society to advocate for victims of domestic violence and criminal justice reform. 

You can hear the discussion by listening to the full show as-aired on iTunes, or you can check out the podcasts hosted on YouTube and SoundCloud. Make sure to check back next week for another episode of RealClear Radio Hour.

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