RealClear Radio Hour: Enterprising Africa & Entrepreneurial Allure

This week I talk to two entrepreneurs about their paths to success—from disrupting the traditional aid model in Africa to streamlining small business accounting across the U.S.

Up first is Will Galvin, U.S. Executive Vice President of Self Help Africa. He reveals how social enterprise in Africa is fostering entrepreneurship and making strides in the fight against poverty. As an example, Galvin explains how TruTrade, a promising new venture of technology-enabled trading networks across rural Africa, is empowering farmers to harness upstream profits to enable growth.

My second guest this week is Levi Morehouse, founder and CEO of Ceterus. He describes his own journey as a serial entrepreneur searching for success, trying his hand at a number of industries. Morehouse shares how he realized his passion and bootstrapped the launch of his accounting software and assistance firm for small businesses, now in its first round of equity funding.

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