RealClear Radio Hour: Free Trade and Trade Finance

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of free trade and the prospects and opportunities for trade finance in emerging economies.

I’m joined first by Daniel Griswold, Senior Research Fellow and Co-Director of the Program on the American Economy and Globalization at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Dan discusses the seemingly invisible benefits of free trade that bolster opportunities and businesses’ bottom line. He debunks common myths about the U.S. trade deficit, manufacturing decline, and the negative impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement and explains why the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a welcome 21st century agreement.

Up next is fintech entrepreneur Chris Hale, Founder and CEO of the trade finance company Kountable. Chris discusses how his smartphone-based platform is empowering entrepreneurs in Rwanda to the benefit of their compatriots, suppliers, and the global economy. He shares success stories of Kountable-financed entrepreneurs building computer labs for girls’ schools and introducing incubators to hospitals countrywide.

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