RealClear Radio Hour: Middle East & Panamanian Renaissance

This week, I speak with two gentlemen advancing opportunity and prosperity in their respective corners of the world. Ricardo Karam, the Charlie Rose of Lebanon, is on a mission to redefine the Arab world and Surse Pierpoint is tearing down the wall between Panama’s booming Colón free zone and the impoverished surrounding city.

First, Ricardo Karam, Lebanese talk show host, producer, and founder of the Takreem awards, shares his vision for the Middle East. In documentaries and with the Takreem awards, Ricardo combats both stereotypes and the fomenting of sectarian conflicts by celebrating unsung Arab heroes, who are leading by example in entrepreneurship, technological achievements, and elsewhere. 

My second guest is Surse Pierpoint, general manager of the Colón Free Zone and general manager of Colón Import & Export. Surse recounts his family’s and Panama’s roaring history with the free trade zone since its creation in 1948. He describes the project he’s now spearheading: the Colón Puerto Libre, which uses development incentives to encourage urban renewal and commercial expansion beyond the walled-in free zone.

You can hear the discussion by listening to the full show as-aired on iTunes, or you can check out the podcasts hosted on YouTube and SoundCloud. Make sure to check back next week for another episode of RealClear Radio Hour.

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