RealClear Radio Hour: Penniless Presidencies and Fashioning America

This week, we discuss two new books covering the national debt crisis and political values with authors Dr. Alan Axelrod and Cathy Lynn Taylor.

Alan Axelrod, author of Full Faith and Credit: The National Debt, Taxes, Spending, and the Bankrupting of America, opens the conversation explaining why the U.S.’s perilous gross debt to GDP ratio may have passed the point of no return. Axelrod’s stories of our most to least fiscally responsible presidents reveal our trajectory—from the parsimonious George Washington to Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase extravagance, Abraham Lincoln’s budget-busting Civil War, and modern presidents’ bailouts paving the road to national bankruptcy.   

My second guest this week is Cathy Lynn Taylor, author of Red is the New Black: How Women Can Fashion a More Powerful America. Cathy discusses how often misunderstood conservative values and policy choices can empower both men and women.

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