RealClear Radio Hour: Rocker Conservationist and Apocalypse Averted

As we approach the COP-21 climate conference in Paris this December, RealClear Radio Hour brings our focus back to the only sustainable solutions for environmental concerns: common sense science and prudent environmental stewardship. My two guests this week are living examples of such solutions.

My first guest is Chuck Leavell, long-time Rolling Stones keyboardist, conservationist, and award winning tree farmer at Charlane Plantation. Chuck sat down with me to share his passion for sustainable forestry and common sense approaches to land use, wildlife management, and balancing the needs for production and aesthetics.

Listen to Chuck Leavell’s interview on Soundcloud or YouTube.

Our second guest this week is Patrick Allitt, professor of American history at Emory University. Patrick is the author of A Climate of Crisis: America in the Age of Environmentalism. In our conversation, he and I recount the many past predictions of impending catastrophe made by “experts” that have proved unwarranted over the years. We apply the lessons learned to current fears about adapting to climate change.

Listen to Patrick Allitt’s interview on Soundcloud or YouTube.

You can hear from both of our guests this week by listening to the full show as-aired on iTunes or you can check out the individual podcasts linked above.

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