RealClear Radio Hour: State Budget Maven & Climate Show Trials

This week we discuss reining in government excess and abuse, chatting with a former state government budget director who details how his state managed a fiscal turnaround, and a litigation attorney representing CEI in its challenge to the Climate Inquisition.

First up is John Nixon, the University of Utah’s Chief Administrative Officer and former Michigan budget director. Nixon shares how he helped transform Michigan’s state government from a house of cards into a fiscally sound success story. John drove the process to reform unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities, balance the budget, and cut business-killing taxes to encourage significant growth and development.

My second guest is Andrew Grossman, partner at BakerHostetler and cofounder of the Free Speech in Science Project. Grossman discusses a new campaign led by a coalition of state attorneys general and Al Gore to stifle free speech and public policy advocacy in the climate change debate. He describes the far-reaching implications of this political bullying and abuse of power and the potentially steep consequences to the perpetrators of such attacks on the First Amendment. Grossman is representing the Competitive Enterprise Institute in its challenge to a subpoena issued by U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker.

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