RealClear Radio Hour: The Miracle of New Zealand

This week marks a special occasion for RealClear Radio Hour: our 100th Episode! Over the course of what will soon be two years on the air, we’ve covered many stories that tell the wonders of free markets and a free society. Our topic this week is an enlightening success story focused on free market reform abroad.

RealClear Radio Hour’s 100th episode chronicles the successful economic revival in the wonderful nation of New Zealand. Where the United States had Reagonomics, New Zealand has Rogernomics and Ruthanasia. The story of this country’s turnaround features interviews with the reformers themselves: former finance ministers Sir Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson, who spearheaded New Zealand’s transformation from a welfare state saddled with crushing public debt, rampant inflation, and a closed and moribund economy, to one of the freest, most prosperous, and open countries in the world.





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