RealClear Radio Hour: The Spirit of 1776 and the Reality of War

In this episode, West Point Professor, Dr. Robert McDonald discusses Thomas Jefferson’s legacy and renowned collector and founder of the Museum of World War II, Kenneth Rendell distinguishes forgery from reality.

My first guest is Dr. Robert McDonald, West Point Professor of History and author of Confounding Father: Thomas Jefferson’s Image in His Own Time. He discusses what was hailed as the “Revolution of 1800”—one of the most contentious elections in American history, the stakes of which make those of the current election pale in comparison. Rob establishes how Jefferson embodied the spirit of 1776 in his westward looking ambitions, aiming to liberate America in body, mind, and spirit.   

Up next is Kenneth Rendell, founder and director of the Museum of World War II—the most comprehensive global collection of artifacts and documents from the Second World War. Ken shares what drove him to preserve the history of that cataclysmic conflict to help prevent it being forgotten or repeated. Starting with a childhood coin collection, he refined his knowledge to become a top world expert in document validation, unmasking some of the most notorious forgeries—including the Hitler diaries and Mormon archives.

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