Reason’s Bastiat Journalism Prize Celebrates Writers Who Advance Freedom

Leftist intellectual and media bias can be as disheartening and maddening as it is relentless. So thank goodness for the Reason Foundation and its annual Bastiat journalism prize that recognizes and rewards writers who make a compelling case for freedom.

If you or someone you know has penned one or more such articles over the past year filled with originality, wit, and eloquence, the time to apply is right now – before the July 31 deadline. First place receives $10,000, second place $5,000, and third place $1,000.

Finalists are invited to an elegant awards dinner in New York City on November 16, where the winners are announced. It’s a thoroughly splendid event, one of my favorites.

Previous Bastiat Prize winners include Lane Filler, Ross Clark, Virginia Postrel, Anne Jolis, Tom Easton, Bret Stephens, John Hasnas, A. Barton Hinkle, Amit Varma, Jamie Whyte, Tim Harford, Mary O'Grady, Robert Guest, Brian Carney, Sauvik Chakraverti and Amity Shlaes.

There are a fair number of entry rules, so scrutinize those carefully. And then click here for the entry form. Or if you would like to spread the word on Twitter, here’s something to re-tweet.

The prize, named after legendary 19th century French economist and author, Frédéric Bastiat, was established in 2002 by the International Policy Network and is now sponsored by Reason.