Regulation of the Day 182: The Definition of a Hot Dog

Having solved the state’s fiscal crisis, California’s state legislature has moved on to more important issues, such as the legal definition of “hot dog.” According to S.B. 946 [PDF, p. 32], that definition is:

“Hot dog” means a whole, cured, cooked sausage that is skinless or stuffed in a casing, may be served in a bun or roll, and is also known as a bologna, frank, frankfurter, furter, garlic bologna, knockwurst, red hot, Vienna, or wiener.

The intention is to differentiate cooked hot dogs from uncooked sausage products.

Most states have part-time legislatures. California’s is one of the few full-time bodies. Every so often, there are calls to change that; maybe this hot dog bill will spark someone to move on that much-needed reform.