Regulation Roundup

Yet another batch of regulatory bloopers:

  • Motorists entering Tacoma, Washington, with criminal intent are required to telephone the chief of police.
  • It is illegal to catch fish with your bare hands in Kansas.
  • It is illegal for a man to curse in front of a woman in Nebraska. Women can cuss away, though.
  • Turtle racing is illegal in Key West, Florida.
  • You can’t play checkers in public in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
  • In Hartford, Connecticut, you may not cross a street while walking on your hands. Feet only, please.
  • The U.S. Code requires the federal government to employ a Construction Metrication Ombudsman. His job is to encourage federal contractors to use the metric system.
  • Don’t ride your bicycle faster than 65 mph in Danbury, Connecticut. You could be arrested.