Regulation Roundup

Some of the stranger rules I’ve dug recently:

  • In New Hampshire, ventriloquism is a licensed occupation.
  • A 1482 English law states that only royalty may own or touch swans. It was never repealed, and causes difficulties to this day.
  • In Turin, Italy, failing to walk your dog at least thrice daily is punishable with a €500 fine.
  • In Juneau, Alaska, regulations prohibit animals from entering barbershops. Unlike Florida’s recent bestiality law, Alaska does provide a definition of “animal” that excludes humans.
  • It is illegal to counterfeit cat and dog tags in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
  • In New Hampshire, it is illegal to have a ferret in your possession while on your way to a hunting trip.
  • According to § 7-1-1(Q) of Minooka, Illinois, village code, it is illegal “To suffer any bitch or slut.”