Reverse Tea Party to Reverse Freedom?

This says it all: Green groups held a “reverse tea party” by dumping bottled water (minus the bottles of course) into the Boston Harbor. Why? They don’t like private enterprise or private water provision. They want the government to take more of your hard-earned dollars to spend on government water systems.

Yes, indeed, the term “reverse tea party” is oh so appropriate. Our founding fathers protested tyranny and called for freedom with their forward-thinking Boston Tea Party. Today, greens do the reverse. They protest freedom, private enterprise, and your right to choose. They call for more government, more mismanagement of our resources, and less freedom!!

The problems with government water systems (see section on drinking water in the Environmental Source) today have nothing to do with bottled water and privatization. They relate to politics. The federal government forces localities to spend limited precious resources (thanks to the green lobby) to widdle down inconsequential trace levels of certain chemicals in our tap water, greatly reducing funds to address much bigger, serious infrastructure problems.

The solution is not more government. It lies in more flexible standards—and yes—the “dreaded” (according to the greens) American way: free enterprise. Privatization could bring in the financial resources needed for upgrades. Unfortunately, local governments outlawed private provision of tap water decades ago when infrastructure of piped water was first under development. It’s a long road back to fixing that problem, but rather than call for the reverse of freedom and free-enterprise, we should employ the forward thinking of our forefathers whose advocacy for freedom understands the value of human creativity and achievement.