Rupert Murdoch’s Gas-Guzzling Hybrid

Rupert Murdoch, a hate figure for much of the Left, especially in Britain, has declared that he is proud to go green. One of the ways he is showing his personal devotion to the cause is by buying a hybrid car — the Lexus GS450h.

The trouble is that this hybrid is not as efficient as my old jalopy, a Saturn LS 2000. My Saturn chugs away at an EPA- estimated 27 mpg, emitting 6.7 tons of greenhouse gases every year for the average driver. Rupert’s swanky new hybrid gets 26 mpg and emits 7 tons. His hybrid costs $58,000. My old clunker’s blue book value is about $7,500.

Rupert could have saved himself a ton of money and done more for the environment by going to a second-hand car dealer.

Perhaps the Left have good reason to be suspicious of him.