Russians Invaders Violate Cease-Fire; U.N. Officials Robbed

U.N. Officials were robbed at a Russian check-point in Gori, a town in Georgia that Russian troops continue to occupy in violation of the cease-fire agreement they signed.  The robberies were committed in front of amused Russian troops by Russian-backed militiamen from South Ossetia, who earlier went on a campaign of ethnic cleansing, killing Georgian civilians in full view of Russian troops.   The Russian commander has falsely claimed there are no such militiamen in Gori.

Russian troops violated the cease-fire they earlier agreed to, bombing civilians, including an ambulance in the village of Agara.  The Washington Post questions the blame-the-victim mentality of those who blame Georgia for the Russian invasion.  (Others have depicted the invasion as simply a “he-said, he-said” situation).  The Post says that Russia began offensive activity and cyberwarfare long before the Georgian reaction that allegedly triggered the Russian invasion.  (We earlier discussed Russia’s cyberwar against Georgia).