Scenario planning writ large in the UK

I came across a UK government site that looks into the future across a range of issues. It’s part of the UK’s Foresight Program. Herewith a description:

Foresight, and its associated horizon scanning centre aims to provide challenging visions of the future, to ensure effective strategies now. It does this by providing a core of skills in science-based futures projects and unequalled access to leaders in government, business and science.

Now, it appears that Foresight’s Horizon Scanning Centre has two current scans: The Sigma Scan and the Delta Scan. The Sigma Scan is herewith described on its site:

The Sigma Scan is a quality assured synthesis of some of the world’s best Horizon Scanning sources. It covers future issues and trends across the full public policy agenda. It is drawn from a range of sources including think tanks, academic publications, mainstream media, corporate foresight, expert/strategic thinkers, government sources, alternative journals, charities/NGOs, blogs, minority communities, and futurists.

Personally, I like the Delta Scan better — the issues are more clearly defined, the groups working on the issues are noted, and resources are listed. Plus, it seems lighter on political correctness and looks like it has people who know something contributing:

The Delta Scan: The Future of Science and Technology, 2005-2055 is an overview of future science and technology issues and trends, with contributions by over 200 science and technology experts from the worlds of government, business, academia and communication in the UK and US.

It’s kinda interesting to take a look at some of the science and tech issues on the Delta site and where the experts think they’re going.