SEJ 2006: Battle of the Automakers

The Society of Environmental Journalists’ conference this week is in full swing, with panels and exhibits on everything from sustainable forestry to avian flu. One of the big draws is the auto industry presence and their test drive offers.

DaimlerChrysler is also present, with their “F-Cell” vehicle. According to PR Manager Nick Cappa, expect to see one at your local dealership in about 10 years. Nick also mentioned that the only thing that comes out of the F-Cell’s tailpipe is water vapor. Of course, water vapor is also a potent greenhouse gas, so I guess DaimlerCrysler still has some work ahead of them. The ethanol folks are also here, and they’ve decided to sex it up a little with a brightly-painted race car. The IndyCar Series is apparently hot for corn squeezings. According to their materiels, “It’s what Mother Nature would put in her sports car.”

And let’s not leave out our friends at Ford, who want to make sure you know how great the Escape hybrid is, along with the other alternative-fuel projects the company is working on.

For a little CEI background on the ethanol and hybrids, see pieces by Dennis Avery and Iain Murray, respectively.