Sen. Mikulski wants more expensive meat for poor people

Some legislators, including Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD) are now hollowing out an age old principle of FDA marketing regulations by promoting mandatory labeling for meat from cloned animals. FDA have tried to protect consumers from misleading marketing by prohibiting marketing that points out “benefits” that do not result in any qualitative difference. So here’s the list of arguments against her politically correct proposal.

1. There is no qualitative difference between meat from cloned animals and meat from animals bred with artificial insemination.
2. The claim of whether the animal is cloned or not cannot be measured and thus, not controlled.
3. Most of the animals produced with artificial insemination, which is the standard production method) are also highly inbred to ensure uniform quality.

If you really have issues with the cheap meats produced by industrialized animal rearing, and there are reasons to have issues with it, then buy grass fed beef. It is less efficient and creates higher prices, but the market is already supplying it for people who have concerns with industrialized animal husbandry.

Mikulski’s proposal reminds me of the famous quote from Maria Theresa of Spain, when she was informed that her people had no bread to eat, she said “Let them eat cake!” There is no reason to drive up the food costs for the poorest members of our community.