Sharing Insights and Observations from the Road: A Travelogue

Lassman3 Taipei 2019 cr

In the past few years, I’ve traveled all over the United States to advocate for the rule of law and free markets. At times it can be grueling. The logistics are my Achilles heel and the TSA is my nemesis.

Because I have so much to draw me back home—an active family life at the top of the list—my trips are always condensed with as little time on the road as possible, even if that means very early or overnight travel. International travel adds an entire layer of complexity.

This week I’m in Taiwan as a part of a delegation of free-market trade experts. I’ll write short posts for the Competitive Enterprise Institute team to review and share here on OpenMarket. If it goes well, we’ll experiment with adding regular posts whenever I travel on behalf of CEI.

Key Insight of the DayTM: An American delegation of free trade advocates is distressingly small in the current political environment. Thus, CEI’s work is more valuable than ever.

My colleagues Iain Murray and Ryan Young recently wrote a fantastic paper, “Traders of the Lost Ark,” making a moral and economic case for free trade. I highly recommend it.