Shed a Tear for Property Rights: Cuban Anniversary Edition

My good friend Wikipedia reminds me that today is the 47th anniversary of the expropriation of foreign assets by Fidel Castro’s communist government. The U.S. trade embargo which soon followed, is, of course, with us to this day, just like Fidel himself.

If you’re interested in exploring what Havana and its environs were like before La Revolucion without running into a lot of pro-Che cheerleading, you might like to try Andy Garcia’s love letter to his home town, The Lost City. Of course, you could always just (re-)watch The Godfather Part II (as I did yesterday evening), which features some timeless dialogue in the scenes set in Batista-era Cuba:

Fredo: How do you say “banana daiquiri” in Spanish?
Michael: Banana daiquiri.

Kiss of Death