Six People You’ll See at the CEI Dinner

Dinner image for blog post promo

It is no secret that we at CEI put a lot of love into our Annual Dinner and Reception. What makes the dinner so special is that every staff member at CEI pitches in to pull it off—everything has a personal touch.

Now CEI isn’t a traditional think tank. After all, who else makes a movie starring the worst actors in Washington every year? The CEI dinner is fun. In fact, some have called it “the best party in town” and “the Golden Globes of DC.”

You’ll meet a lot great people at CEI’s dinner. But in the true CEI fashion of not taking ourselves too seriously, we present you with a list of characters you’ll see—or try to avoid—at CEI’s annual event.  

1. “Principled” Libertarians

These sovereign citizens will use their Murray Rothbard bow-ties to cover the anarchy tattoos on their necks, which they bought after attending their 5th Students for Liberty conference when they were die-hard campus coordinators. They are BIG fans of the anti-nanny state party favors. Viva e-cigarettes!


2. The Wonks

The karaoke song-leaders at the CEI After Party probably work at Cato, Mercatus, or another free-market think tank. They'll tell you all about the 10 appropriations riders they helped write based on their latest research on the economic impact of gay couples who use bitcoin earned from their THC-edible business to purchase AR-15s through encrypted, sharing platforms.


3. Hill / Government Staffers

Their bosses were too busy stumping for their 5th term to make the dinner, but they'll make up for it by dominating the photo booth. They'll tell you all about their legislative goals for the rest of the year when you both know there is barely a month left before everyone’s number one focus is the campaign trail.


4. Journalists / Reporters

Fierce competitors during the Best Tweet Contest, they won't hesitate to tell you about their exciting, new [insert: book, podcast, or vlog – is that a thing anymore?] project. Beware of the bar, they are usually the first… and last… you’ll see “taking care of” the free booze. 


5. That Guy, the Consultant

He will probably bill you for that conversation about “raising your profile,” and explain in great length about why his business cards are outdated. If you hear the words “engagement” or “impactful” … run for your life.


6. Fred L. Smith, Jr.

CEI’s venerable founder… do you know who Joseph Schumpeter is? You will soon.