“Snow rage” — violence in cold and snowy climes

Do cold and snowy winters lead to “snow rage”? So says the police spokesperson in Quebec, where winter has been bad this year, leading to more violence:

Quebec City police said they had been called to a dozen violent disputes about snow from one property ending up on someone else’s. The drifts outside some houses are 12 feet and higher.

. . .

Police in the French-speaking province of Quebec said on Wednesday that people were fighting over snow clearing and even parking spaces.

Recent Canadian winters have been mild but this one looks set to break all-time records for snow. One storm last weekend dumped 23 inches on the capital Ottawa and 19 inches on Quebec City, which has already received 210 inches this year.

Global warming catastrophists constantly point to the dire effects of a warmer planet and push for carbon taxes or other schemes to raise the costs of fuel. But, tragically, bitter cold, blizzards, snow, ice, and sleet usually take a higher toll. And the elderly, who may not be able to afford fuel, often suffer the most.