“Take My Voice with You”

Thus tells an Iranian woman to a journalist passing through her town, in the new film, The Stoning of Soraya M., which opens today. She wants to tell the world about the atrocity of legally sanctioned death by stoning — specifically, the stoning death of her niece, whose husband decided to get rid of by falsely accusing her of adultery.

As the protests in Iran continue, the film shows, on a localized scale, some of the human toll which that country’s theocratic rulers have extracted on the population. It unflinchingly depicts not only the brutality of stoning, but also the indecency of a legal system that would sanction it.

Not for children or the faint of heart, serious adults should find the film thought-provoking and well worth seeing, especially these days, as the future of Iran remains uncertain.

My review of the film is now online at The American Spectator.