Ten Thousand Commandments

The brand new 2016 edition of Clyde Wayne Crews, Jr.’s Ten Thousand Commandments report is out now. You can read it here. If you prefer ther short version, Wayne and I did a short writeup for The Hill’s Congress Blog, emphasizing why presidential candidates should start talking about regulation:

We hear a lot about spending in candidate debates and speeches. But federal regulations impose estimated total costs on the economy of $1.88 trillion, roughly half the size of the federal budget, according to our findings, published in the 2016 edition of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual Ten Thousand Commandments report.

So while politicians from both parties loudly complain about “waste, fraud and abuse” in taxing and spending, the costs of regulation mean the federal government is 50 percent more bloated than even the most strident stump speech would suggest. Indeed, if federal regulations were their own country, they would comprise the world’s 10th largest economy, ahead of Russia and behind India.

Read the whole piece here, or, better, the entire study here.