Thanksgiving Is Racially Insensitive, School District Says

The Seattle School District says that celebrating Thanksgiving is racially insensitive.  This is the same school district that claimed for several years that “individualism” is a form of “cultural racism,” that only whites can be racist, and that planning ahead is a white characteristic that is racist to expect minorities to exhibit.  Those claims were mocked in Supreme Court opinions.  The Seattle Schools now tell parents that Thanksgiving is a “time of mourning” and a “reminder of 500 years of betrayal” of Native Americans.

Glenn Singleton, the Seattle Schools’ “diversity” consultant, has recently been hired by California Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell (D), as well as several school districts, such as Arlington, Virginia, and Greenwich, Connecticut.   So this politically-correct nonsense may soon be coming to your own child’s school. Maybe the celebrated author Mark Twain was right when he questioned the wisdom of school boards. (Singleton, by the way, claims that Mark Twain was a racist).