The CPAC That Was: Photo Edition

CEI and Bureaucrash operatives paid a visit to CPAC 2007 on Friday to take in the annual cavalcade of conservative conferees and the ideas they were bandying about. We met up with some of our friends and appreciated the good messages; we were occasionally chagrined by some of the not-so-good messages.

When we first got there, not all that much was going on. At one point we were worried that the talking anti-Romney dolphin would be the most noteworthy item of the day, then we heard that Ann Coulter had just dropped the other f-bomb on John Edwards in the auditorium. Be careful what you wish for.

And now for a few photos:

Andrews Sullivan chats with a dolphin. (Credit: Dave Weigel/

Donal Blaney of

Jason Talley interview CRC’s Matt Vadum

Rob explains the delicious taste of freedom

A young conservative prepares to start a Dance Dance Revolution

Our friends from The Atlas Society putting themselves into the mix

All of that, and a young woman dressed up as a Hershey’s Kiss.
Nick Gillespie has the full roundup, including on-the-scene reporting by Dave Weigel, here.