The Cult of Personality

If you have a copy of the November 5 issue of the Washington Post announcing Obama’s “historic” victory, save it.  It’s worth money.  On Ebay, diehard Obama worshippers are bidding up to $40 for copies of that issue.  Stupidly, I threw my own copy away, despite having earlier written about the way Obama supporters treat him like the Messiah.  

My wife, however, saved a copy of the November 5 Wall Street Journal, in which the banner headline is entitled “Obama Sweeps to Historic Victory.”  I’ll sell it to you on her behalf if you want to buy it (for well under $40).  Her family are big Obama fans

The Onion has a story entitled “Obsessive Obama Supporters’ Lives Now Empty and Meaningless.”

I discuss here one of the reasons Obama beat McCain by the margin he did.