The Grey Lady’s Resolution: “In” — global warming moderation; “Out” — alarmism

On January 1st the New York Times revealed an astounding New Year’s resolution: it starkly shifted course and implicitly promised to rein in its own promotion of global warming alarmism, tossing a few extreme actors overboard in hopes of saving the rest of the movement and their massive taxpayer-funded budgets. (“Middle Stance Emerges in Debate Over Climate: Scientists Espouse Measured Response” (log-in required). In so doing, the Times thereby also helpfully rationalizes their political allies’ looming failure/refusal to do precisely what they have pounded the table intemperantly for for nearly six years, which is now within their grasp, and which therefore appears far less inviting: rapid — and, we now know, rash — enactment of stringent restrictions on energy use emissions.  With the gavel about to switch hands, the Times apparently (and rightly) sensed that this would be a difficult task to affect while simultaneously seeking to maintain a new and fragile majority and also capture the White House.