The latest on the Conspiracy to Keep the Poor Poor

Over at, columnist Mary Katharine Ham comments on the premiere of the documentary Mine Your Own Business (the screening was co-sponsored by CEI). She quotes the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Mark Fenn, who in the film makes this gem of an admission:

“In Madagascar, the indicators of quality of life are not housing. They’re not nutrition, specifically. They’re not health in a lot of cases. It’s not education. A lot of children in Fort Dauphin do not go to school because the parents don’t consider that to be important…People are economically disadvantaged, people have no jobs, but if I could put you with a family and you could count how many times in a day that that family smiles…then you tell me who is rich and who is poor…”

She also includes video footage of filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney facing protesters from Greenpeace who gathered outside the venue. Worth reading and worth watching. Enjoy.