The Present State of America’s Future

CEI gets a passing mention today in The Washington Times, but the story in question is really AFF’s moment to shine: a profile of the organization and its fearless leader, David Kirby:

The elegantly decorated room buzzes with young Washingtonians in business attire, chatting amiably beneath a glittering chandelier as they munch on tortilla chips and drink beer from bottles and wine from plastic cups.

On New Hampshire Avenue, a short walk from Dupont Circle, a Wednesday evening in April finds an assortment of twenty- and thirtysomethings socializing on the second floor of the Fund for American Studies.

It may look like a lot of other Washington parties, but this gathering of young political operatives, government employees, think-tank staffers and writers — ostensibly on hand for a discussion of monetary policy — is actually more than meets the eye, says David Kirby.

This is the future of America, and Mr. Kirby’s in charge of it.

The 28-year-old is executive director of the America’s Future Foundation, a group dedicated to developing “the next generation of conservative and libertarian leaders,” he says.

Speaking of which, this month’s roundtable is this very night. Come out and debate the morality selling human organs – and don’t forget to bring your business cards.

David Kirby
David Kirby: The Face of the Free Market Future?