The Revolution Will Be Merchandized

Fran – I certainly agree with your response to the promotional video for Naomi Klein’s new anti-capitalist manifesto – loco indeed. At one point she even seems to be blaming Milton Friedman for the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami (which is nonsense, of course, since Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Bakri informed the world that it was created by a joint US / Israeli / Indian plot to attack Muslims in southeast Asia).

In any case, there’s an excellent YouTube response to Klein’s video that made me laugh. Ladies and gentlemen, I present “Consuming Hypocrisy”:

And don’t forget to order up a pair of Blackspot “anti-logo” sneakers from the people at Adbusters. They’re made from hemp and recycled tires in a factory in Portugal, and they’re only $90 when you include shipping to the U.S. Take that, capitalism!