The UK Takes An Alarmingly Stern Look at Global Warming

The international media is in a tizz this morning (afternoon in the UK) over the release of the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change. The British government commissioned advisor Sir Nicholas Stern to assess the economic impact of global warming and boy, did they get their money’s worth. According to his projections, disruptions from a changing climate could end up consuming as much as 20% of global GDP. That’s serious.

Except that maybe it’s not. We sent out a statement earlier today on the Review, and in it, Myron has this to say:

The report’s estimates for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are laughably rosy, while the assumptions about the impacts of global warming are ridiculously overblown. The Stern Review may look professionally done, but it doesn’t pass the laugh test.

In other words, be extremely skeptical of the British government’s official position on the future impacts of global climate change.

Broadcast media note: Global TV viewers will be able to catch Myron on BBC TV 4 tonight at 20:00 GMT and Marlo sometime tonight on Sky News. And for the first time, Myron will also be a news guest on Al Jazeera, to be filmed shortly on the sidewalk in front of Open Market world headquarters here in D.C.