The Weather Channel’s Unintentional Green Comedy

A Weather Channel segment on compact fluoresecent light bulbs that aired today makes the point that because compact fluorescents emit less heat, they can save you money on your summer air-conditioning bill. Great timing airing that in February, during one of the coldest weeks on the East Coast this winter!

Their emitting less heat means they cost you money in your winter heating bill. But if it makes you feel like you’re doing something for the environment, that’s all that matters to the producers of this kind of puffery, apparently, which shouldn’t be surprising.

The Weather Channel’s “Forecast Earth” site actually features an article entitled “How to manage an eco-warrior kid,” which is beyond self-parody. My two favorite items:

_ Your son wants you to install solar panels, but you don’t have the money to pay for them.

Compromise by either setting aside a jar where you (and he) can contribute towards solar panels and/or agree to take action on another energy-saving front, unplugging appliances and turning off lights and computers when not in use, for example.

What’s next, a bake sale for a neighborhood wind turbine?

_ Plastic bags drive your kids nuts. But you’re constantly shopping on the fly and forgetting to carry the nifty canvas bag they gave you for your last birthday. Do you promise to do better or explain that plastic is a fact of life?

Acknowledge that you haven’t been as conscientious as you should have been with regard to carrying the bag they gave you. Agree to use paper instead of plastic when you forget.

Deserved extra ridicule for use of the word “nifty” aside, what kind of birthday gift is a canvas bag? Give that kid coal for Christmas!