This blog at “Tundra Headquarters” plays my “Toyota Hysteria” piece the right way

This blog titled “Toyota Crash Victim Speaks Out Against Media Smearing Automaker” exploits my cache as a victim of a REAL Toyota defect, which I detailed in my Los Angeles Times piece “Toyota Hysteria.” (The inset photo is of my Toyota MR2 after a problem with the rear end caused it to fishtail next to a cliff and send me and my future wife right over.)

“Basically, Fumento is the real deal. He’s got personal negative experience with Toyota, and yet he still manages to say that Toyota is being railroaded by uninformed and uneducated members of big media.”

It also displays my journalism record. I presume I’m the only Toyota defender who was in combat with the Navy SEALs!

My only problem with it is it says “He calls Prius driver James Sikes a ‘media whore liar.'” My writing style is intentionally understated. Among my over 800 articles you will not find the word “whore” and may not find the word “liar.” I provide the facts and allow readers to draw their conclusions.

That said, I must say that Sikes truly is a . . . Nope! Not going to do it!