This is not energy independence

Anyone who saw Good Morning America today will at last have been clued in to how the ethanol boondoggle is driving up the price of breakfast. And it’s not just the US this affects. As Lester Brown of the World Resources Institute has said:

Since the United States is the leading exporter of grain, shipping more than Canada, Australia, and Argentina combined, what happens to the U.S. grain crop affects the entire world. With the massive diversion of grain to produce fuel for cars, exports will drop. The world’s breadbasket is fast becoming the U.S. fuel tank.

The food and fuel economies are being merged by the misguided ethanol policies. This means that variations in the price of fuel now also have a direct impact on the price of our foodstuff as well. This makes our economy more petroleum-centric, not less.

As the Russian revolutionaries said, Dai Kleb!