This Week in Ridiculous Regulations


Happy New Year, everyone. We’re doing a slightly different format this week, on account of the new year starting mid-week. With just two days’ worth of data so far, year-to-date totals and annual projections for 2020 are not yet very informative. Also, Wayne Crews did a year-end look at regulation in 2019 for Forbes, and I did one here. In another piece, Wayne found that for every law passed by Congress in 2019, agencies issued 28 new regulations. He calls this ratio the Unconstitutionality Index. See also related coverage in the Washington Examiner (twice) and the Epoch Times. With those bases already covered, this week’s roundup will simply summarize last week’s new regulation highlights so they don’t get lost in the ether. Back to business as usual next week.

From the 27 final regulations issued from December 30-31, 2019:

From the 21 final regulations issued from January 2-3, 2020 (no Federal Register on New Year’s Day):

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