Today is “Safer Internet Day”

No doubt you knew that already and had celebrations planned. If you’re worried about your precious little nosepickers online, check out the Safer Internet Day website and the Family Online Safety Institute that’s putting it together. It’s an international group, and member companies include AT&T, Yahoo, Ning.

The “Think Before You Post” video gets the point across with a case of accidental icon “sexting”:

Hey it happens to the best of us. Nice to see a private consortium taking the lead on an issue that regulators are wrestling to oversee. The EU has apparently contributed funding to the Safer Internet Day effort. Online child safety is a very important concern; I’d submit that politicians aren’t the best guardians and overseers, and that with their funding may come sub-optimal regulations that some participants may regret. Privacy isn’t a “thing” the political sector equipped to protect and a combination of technologies, evolving standards and endless parental involvement are required.