Today’s Links: April 19, 2012


JAMES HAMILTON: “A Ban on Oil Speculation?
“Here I have a modest suggestion. If Representative Kennedy knows a way to go out and produce another barrel of oil somewhere in the world for $11 a barrel, he would do a world of good if he would actually go out and do it himself, as opposed to simply asserting confidently in the pages of the New York Times that it can be done. People with far more modest fortunes than Kennedy inherited are out there using their resources to try to bring more of the physical product out of the ground.”

MEGAN GARBER: “The Founder of the Web Wants to Protect You From the Web
“Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has moved into a new role: the defender of the World Wide Web. And, more specifically, the defender of the users of the World Wide Web. In an interview with The Guardian, the innovator-turned-advocate argued that users should demand their personal data from the companies that would try to contain them.”

JAMES NELSON: “Learning From the Solyndra Debacle
“My company, Solar3D, Inc., is a technology development company in Santa Barbara, California. […]  Our objective is similar to that of ill-fated Solyndra — to develop a new solar technology that can change the economics of the industry. However, our manner of execution is very different. We have been supported by private investment in our company since its establishment in August of 2010. We are not depending or dependent on government funding. We certainly do not expect that such support will be necessary to facilitate the commercialization of our new technology.”


DRUGS – Economists Say U.S. Would Save Billions if Pot Was Legal
“Where there’s pot, there’s gold. So conclude more than 300 economists who say that the government — if it got out of the business of enforcing marijuana laws — could save a whopping $7.7 billion annually. Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron also figures there’s another $6 billion to be mined each year by taxing the drug at rates similar to booze and tobacco.”

ENVIRONMENT – Greenhouse Gas Law Repeal Bill Before NH Senate
“New Hampshire lawmakers again are considering ending the state’s participation in a regional program to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY – Parents Sue Apple Over Children’s Costly and Highly Addictive Apps
“Parents whose children have accidentally run up huge bills playing games on their iPhones could be in line for compensation from Apple. Campaigners are awaiting the result of a U.S. court case in which a group of disgruntled parents are suing the company  after their children’s innocent game playing ended up costing a fortune.”