Today’s Links: August 7, 2012


A. BARTON HINKLE: “Abortion Debate Skewers Political Pieties
“According to a sympathetic piece in The Washington Post, Codding has ‘tried for months’ to ‘scrape together’ enough money for a ‘costly renovation’ of her Falls Church abortion clinic—and she is still short by nearly $1 million. Wherever shall the money come from? Gail France is frustrated as well. […] Like Codding, Frances resents new regulations the state has imposed on her business that govern everything from hallway widths to parking spaces. […] This is not, to put it mildly, the standard progressive posture regarding the regulation of business. To the contrary: When any other industry is being discussed, most liberals believe the correct level of regulation, always, is: more.”

AMY WHITCOMB SLEMMER: “Massachusetts’ Decisive Move to Attack Health-Care Costs
“Massachusetts is six years into implementing the precursor to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — the law that every state, now that the Supreme Court has upheld its key provisions, is now trying to decide how to implement. […] But when Massachusetts passed the law, it made the calculated decision to tackle the thorny issues of cost and quality later. That time is now. Massachusetts’ health-care costs have escalated at an unsustainable rate. Consumers experience these increases as higher deductibles, copayments, and out-of-pocket costs. We’ve begun to get a good picture of what was contributing to the rising cost of health care — and a clear indication that spending more was not necessarily contributing to our overall health.”

MASHABLE: ‘Obama That I Used to Know’ Parodies Gotye With Political Twist (VIDEO)


NANNY STATE – Rep. Kucinich Calls for Radiation Warnings on Cell Phones
“Rep. Dennis Kucinich has introduced a bill that would require cell phones to warn consumers how much radiation is coming from their phones, saying that until science can disprove a link to cancer, the public should be told more information.”

ECONOMY – U.S. Employers Post the Most Jobs in Four Years
“U.S. employers posted the most job openings in four years in June, a positive sign that hiring may pick up.”

SMALL BUSINESS – With crowdfunding, experts urge caution before businesses raise funds
“When President Obama signed the JOBS Act in April, it opened the door for entrepreneurs to fund their businesses via crowdfunding websites, a digital-age first.”