Today’s Links: December 21, 2011


JORDAN WEISMANN: “Get Ready for Manufacturing’s Big Comeback
“In the past year, the conversation about U.S. manufacturing has undergone a quiet but remarkable change. Gone is much of the doom and gloom about the death of American factories. Instead, many now seem certain that industry is due for a comeback here at home.”

JOHN B. TAYLOR: “Want Prosperity? Try Stable Tax Policy
“The two-month payroll tax cut being debated in Washington reduces to the absurd the recent revival of short-term Keynesian stimulus programs. That such a temporary cut would stimulate the recovery and get employment growing defies common sense. ”

GROVER NORQUIST & PATRICK GLEASON: “Rethink Renewable Energy Mandates
“Cap and trade failed in 2009, despite the fact that Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House. The recent United Nations summit produced an agreement that means little — with countries like Canada dropping off an extension of the Kyoto Protocol. Meanwhile, high unemployment and economic woes are drawing public attention from environmental issues.”


INTERNET – Mozilla Extends Search Partnership With Google
Mozilla has extended its search partnership with Google for at least three additional years, the company has announced. Under the terms of the agreement, Google will continue to be the default search provider for Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox. ”

FINANCE – U.S. Asks Banks to Keep More Cash at Hand
“The US Federal Reserve on Tuesday moved to toughen capital requirements for the country’s largest banks, saying their size and stretch could threaten the overall financial system. ”

HEALTH – France Ponders Removing Risky Breast Implants
“French health authorities are considering whether to suggest that an estimated 30,000 women in France get their breast implants removed, amid warnings by leading doctors about the risks of rupture and possible cancer.”