Today’s Links: February 24, 2012


JACOB SULLUM: “Distorting the Economy is the Whole Point
“Distorting the economy is not, as NPR suggests, an unwanted side effect of Obama’s proposals; it is his avowed aim, because he thinks he knows how resources should be distributed better than the market does. ”

REP. AARON SCHOCK: “Where’s the Change Behind the Rhetoric?
“As the campaign season heats up, I can’t help but notice President Barack Obama is dusting off the same old sweeping rhetoric and speechwriting skills that catapulted the first-term senator to the presidency three years ago. Unfortunately, despite promising us all that ‘change was coming,’ this president has fallen back on his tried-and-true platitudes that are shrouded in anti-business oratory.”

JORDAN WEISSMAN: “The Dis-United States of Gas Prices: Why Fuel is So Cheap in Denver
“Gas prices have been on the rise for the past two months, as the international game of chicken between the West and Iran over Tehran’s nuclear program has sent global price of crude oil up above $120 a barrel. […] Yet up in the Rockies, as well as in parts of the Midwest, motorists have been getting spared, relatively speaking.”


INNOVATION – Mexican Scientists Successfully Test Vaccine That Could  Cut Heroin Addiction
“A group of Mexican scientists is working on a vaccine that could reduce addiction to one of the world’s most notorious narcotics: heroin. Researchers at the country’s National Institute of Psychiatry say they have successfully tested the vaccine on mice and are preparing to test it on humans.”

STATE BUDGETS – New York Will Sell Its Old Gear on eBay to Pay Its Bills
“Whenever you’re short on cash there’s always one last resort: sell your stuff on eBay. It seems that New York State’s hoping to plug part of its many-billion dollar budget shortfall by selling its old crap, too.”

SUPER PACS – Bill Maher Gives $1 M to Obama Super Pac
“It’s no surprise that comedian and talk-show host Bill Maher is supporting President Obama’s reelection campaign, but it’s a bit of a shock that he has $1 million to donate—especially when he hasn’t exactly been kind to super PACs.”